wheelchair wheels with hillhold

"The possibility to switch gears make the daily life easier. Downshifting give more power and with the hill hold the wheelchair doesn`t roll backwards and give you more time to take a new grip or rest on your way up."


From 2019 Gearwheel and Decon Wheel AB have signed a partnership that means that Decon will sell Gearwheel´s products in the Swedish  and European market.

For Gearwheel, this means that we now have even better opportunities to reach out to users all over Sweden and Europe, and thus can offer a better service and market contact.

The benefits to users also mean that there is now a clear player with a comprehensive product range, from mechanical to electric drive units, and accessories that facilitate an active life.

Gearwheel AB will focus on technical development of the gear-shifted wheelchair wheels and Decon focuses on the market.

In connection with this, John-Edvard Stenstrand has joined Decon as a seller, thereby strengthening the sales team.

If you have questions about Gearwheel, please contact
John-Edvard at
Phone: +46 (0)345-408 94.


The gear-shifted wheelchair wheels

Gearwheels wheelchair wheels with two gears and hill hold gives the user more power and makes everyday life easier. The wheels are made to fit manual wheelchairs such as Panthera and Quickie Helium.

Shifting is done by turning the gear lever located on the outside of each wheel. The only thing that needs to be mounted on the wheelchair is a wheelchair-specific bracket. Besides that, the wheelchair will stay untouched. 

Gearwheel AB