How it works

Gear-switching takes place by turning the gear-shifter located on the outside of each wheel. The only equipment that needs to be mounted on the wheelchair is a bracket and the option to switch to standard wheels remains if necessary. 

GEARWHEELs wheel have three positions.
-1:1 (traditional)
-Downshifted with hill hold.

The downshifting gives around 40% more power.

How do i get the product?

Contact Gearwheel for support as the process is different depending on your country.


  • One pair of switchable wheelchair wheels plus brackets to wheelchair:
  • Provides 40% more power in down-shift mode.
  • Is completely mechanical, no electricity.
  • Equipped with a hill hold that prevents the wheelchair from rolling backwards.
  • Handrims of different models available.
  • Can be mounted on various wheelchair models.
  • Dimension of the wheel: 24 "- 25"
  • Weight without hand rim and without tires: 2433 g.
  • Increased width: about 3 cm.
  • Max user weight: 100 kg.